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I purchased Heat Resistant Black colour as I wanted to restore exhaust of my 200NS. It sprays evenly, and final finish is also very good. Later I will add to this review for how long it stays on exhaust and further if this is really Good heat resistant spray or not! bcz very high heat generation takes place at silencer.
Overall I am satisfied with the purchase and it restored my exhaust like brand new.
I have attached before and after pictures.
If you’re also facing issue with rusted silencer, Go for this product.

Priyanshu Gupta


Very nice product, good coverage and easy to handle. It drys quickly too. If you are looking for a classy golden which is not so yellowish, it’s the best choice. One coat is enough for a good coverage. I used it to paint my wrought iron lamps and clay sculptures and happy with the result.

Khyati Shukla

Prayagraj,Uttar Pradesh

Gud for hot places like bike engine and silencer ,,, I sanded my chrome silencer a bit and used a primer and then this paint ,,,and it has been a couple of weeks and its holding good ,,, use 4-5 coats and let it dry completely ,,,, the paint is not actually glossy,its semi gloss….. hope my review helps😊

Arpit Jain


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Our patented high volume low pressure colour delivery system enables our paint to cover better, last longer and dry faster than other aerosol paints. This allows users to complete projects much quicker (3-5 minutes vs 6-12 hours).


Our aerosol cans are environmentally friendly. They are made from tin-free steel and coated on both sides with a polyester polymer removing carbon footprint of aerosol spray by 50%. ZERO CFCs.


Color Magic sprays come with a 12 months shelf life. Thanks to zero combination with other aerosol paints that crystallize when multiple brands are used together, Banna sprays are one-of-a-kind meaning a longer lasting coat of paint.